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Save yourself the trouble and AVOID this company completely. After a week of waiting, my Samsung S7 was considered to be worth 17.60 instead of 170, because the phone had 'screen burn' ... What????????????????What the hell is 'screen burn'? I had to look it up. Suffice to say, when I did... I knew this company were taking the abso...

ja ik

Awful - just awful - DO NOT use these. Their offers online are quite clearly just a lie to lure you in. They took nearly 2 weeks to provide me with an offer - which was reduced by £50 for a perfectly working Iphone 6s, due to 'a slight scuff on the side of the phone'. Its a scam - they are useless.

Shannon Ramplin

People be aware . Top online scammers.They will try try to attaract you by giving some good quote 10-20 extra than other genuine seller from search engine optimization technique.after reviewing my phone(2 weeks later) they said my screen quality is not good and they can only offer £26 instread of £226(which is a joke) so I asked...


Cannot believe these scammers are still opersting

andrew steel

Absolutely dreadful. Took a month to deal with my claim offered 10% of original offer and nothing wrong with phone at all. Complete con and very very poor service. Can’t speak to anyone. Stay away at all costs. Use other reputable providers may get 5/10 pounds less but at least u will get. Mobile cash mate is a dreadful company

Andrew Mcarthur

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