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One of the worst companies i have ever dealt with there customer services is shocking, I tried to return a mobile to them that i purchased from them at £749.00 and i returned it and got it back the very next day and nothing done to it...They won't return my messages this is a shocking state of affairs DO NOT FALL IN TO THAT TRAP ...


Honestly the worst phone company,just con artist dint bother letting you know when deals have changed,deals what a joke,and then talk to a computer good get out clause.

Katie walsh

PROs+ cheap and easy to setup+ simple topup+ works very well world-wide+ cheapest in European Union (EU) countries+ micro contract for 30 days, and you can decide if you want to automatically renew, just top-up or use it only for receiving callsCONs- poor network speed- GiffGagg will be non-compliant once EU GDPR is enforceable fr...


I had nearly three years of using giffgaff problem free, however in the last three weeks I have experienced the worst customer service of my life. Their inability to provide me with a new SIM for three weeks (despite me making several suggestions) has resulted in considerable personal expense as I foolishly used them as a provider...


Giff Gaff is probably one of the only companies that sends me a text to tell me they're giving me more data/minuites, rather than most companies typical... "the price is going up..."Although I think sometimes the dataspeed could be a little higher, it works and I think it's important to remember how little your paying.Their servic...

David Bruce

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